At any given time many companies and businesses are for sale, because of current owner boredom or burnout, retirement, lack of capital, etc. If there is no apparent successor within the company, the owner(s) will have to find a successor from outside and will need to look for a buyer. The search for serious buyers or investors is a complicated and time-consuming process. Celtic Capital, with its worldwide network of offices and associates, knows as no other company how to find these buyers or investors.
When you want to buy a company, it is not easy to find a good one. There may be many businesses for sale, but it is difficult to assess which are the good ones and to get relevant and up-to-date information on them.
For a buyer it may be hard to find transparency in the books of private companies, which makes it very difficult to determine if the price is fair. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your money and your future. Get a professional valuation!
Thousands of Opportunities in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America
Tens of thousands of companies and businesses are for sale in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America not, not so much because of the global crisis, which has hit Europe very hard, but much more because of the aging population and lack of succession. And most of these companies are in excellent shape!
This presents tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to become independent business owners, or for companies with expansion plans to invest in one of the biggest markets in the world.
Celtic Capital Knows Where to Find Great Companies
If you are serious about buying a company in Europe, don’t waste your time surfing the Internet and reacting to website or newspaper ads, hoping for a response and to find the right company. Celtic Capital knows as no other company in Europe where to find good businesses, how to contact them, and how to get the right information.
Celtic Capital offers its services worldwide. We are here to help you find buyers, investors and good businesses for sale.
Celtic Capital Knows Where to Find Buyers and Investors
Whether you want to sell or buy a business (asset), you need to present an attractive proposal to the other party in order to enter into serious negotiations and to have a chance at closing a transaction.
At Celtic Capital we know as no other company how to present and offer a business for sale. As a current owner you want to know what price to expect, and what needs to be done to prepare your company for sale. As a potential buyer you want to know how fast you will earn back your investment.
Celtic Capital Knows How to Connect Supply and Demand!
We will analyze the purchase and sale proposals and evaluate various scenarios on total payout and profitability to make sure that your offer will be well perceived and will be beneficial for all parties involved.
Whether you are buying or selling, Celtic Capital can assist you with negotiations and brokerage during the complete sales process, from inception to closing
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