Connecting Buyers and Sellers
As a business transfer agent, Celtic Capital act as an intermediary between owners and future owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Although our clients come from all over the world, Latin America, Middle east and Southeast Asia are fast-growing markets for our services. We also intermediate between sellers and buyers of tangible assets such as industrial plants and large machinery, and intangible assets like trademarks.
A Road Map
Celtic Capital helps business owners define and implement exit strategies. An exit strategy is a comprehensive road map that enables business owners to successfully exit a privately held business. An exit strategy asks and answers all the critical questions that business owners and their advisors must consider when the time has come for them to leave a company.
Smooth Transfers
We assist the future owners (buyers or new investors in the case of a business, family members in a succession) during the transfer period (entry strategy) to make the change of ownership as smooth as possible. Both current and future owners can then focus on the business itself while we oversee all the steps required to realize the transfer.
Celtic Capital also assists both buyers and sellers of privately held small and medium-sized businesses throughout the buying and selling process.
Typically, we:
  • Estimate the value of a business or the business assets;
  • Prepare the business or assets for sale and advertise (with or without disclosing the identity);
  • In the case of acquisitions, we search for appropriate businesses to acquire;
  • Handle initial seller and potential buyer interviews;
  • Conduct or assist in negotiations with prospective sellers and buyers;
  • Facilitate the exchange of documentation.
In addition, we facilitate the due diligence investigation and in general assist throughout the entire process of selling or buying a business.
To connect buyers and sellers.
We help:
  • Business owners find buyers and successfully plan and execute the transfer of or exit from their business or business assets;
  • Future business owners, buyers and investors find the appropriate company or business (assets);
  • Other intermediaries and professional parties perform specific tasks involved in buying and selling businesses and assets.
We bring together owners and future owners of companies and other business assets, with a special focus on small and medium-sized businesses in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.
Remarkably, many former business owners report they regretted that the sale of their business did not achieve their personal or business objectives. Research shows that former business owners admit they did not understand all of their options, were unable to make informed decisions, and did not know where to turn for advice and correct information.
Many Unknowns
Unfortunately, too many business owners have no idea how or when to exit their business. As a result, most business owners:
  • Are reactive rather than proactive
  • Miss strategic opportunities
  • Do not know the value of their companies
  • Do not know where and how to find successors or buyers
  • Leave hard-earned wealth unattended to
  • Pay too much in taxes when selling their companies
A well-developed exit strategy shows you, as a business owner, how to maximize the value of your business and minimize taxes. It also ensures that you will achieve all your personal and financial objectives in the process.
Maximize Value
A comprehensive and integrated exit plan empowers you as a business owner. It gives you the crucial information you need to make the best decisions and the tools to maximize closing after-tax proceeds.
Crucial Information
There is a lot to think about when you consider leaving your business. The same is true when you want to go into business for yourself. Whether you are an owner who wants to sell your business or a future owner or entrepreneur who wants to buy one, the process is basically the same and the questions are also roughly the same.
Same Process for Sellers and Buyers
Celtic Capital has developed a unique method to assist both current owners (sellers) and future owners (new management, investors or buyers). Whether you are buying or selling, we can help you.
Business Transfers: From Current to New Owners
Celtic Capital has the experience and expertise to assist both sellers and buyers during the sale or purchase of a business or other business assets. We know the bottlenecks and can help clear them. We also know when to bring in outside assistance from other professional intermediaries such as lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, and banks.
In-house Expertise and Experience
Celtic Capital offers a complete range of services and reports that allows you, as a business owner, to evaluate your business or asset and place it on the market at a fair price and under competitive conditions. We estimate the value of the business or asset and locate interested parties (with or without disclosing your identity). We handle initial interviews with potential buyers and discussions and negotiations with prospective buyers, facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation, and generally assist with the business sale.
We help you:
  • Establish an MPSP (most probable selling price);
  • Develop a comprehensive information memorandum on the company or the business asset;
  • Achieve maximum exposure (marketing the business to prospective buyers);
  • Create a dedicated website or weblog;
  • Conduct buyer searches;
  • Screen buyers for ability to complete a purchase;
  • Coordinate negotiations and provide deal structuring advice;
  • Provide draft agreements for the proposed transaction;
  • Provide overall deal management to guide the client through the entire process;
  • Maintain confidentiality of the sale.
We also support our clients by:
  • Making a contact person available to answer any questions about the processes and potential businesses (assets) or buyers;
  • Providing legal and fiscal support, before, during and after a deal;
  • Providing BPO services;
  • Providing estate planning;
  • Holding an earnest payment in escrow from the buyer(s) until the closing.
Our reports will present a fair picture of the value of a company or business asset to prospective buyers. Our probability analysis, opinion of price, valuation and justification reports will give you the desired leverage in a sale or purchase transaction and strengthen your position when negotiating a transaction.
Together with fiscal and legal experts, we will develop the best possible deal structure to prevent you from paying too much in taxes. We will draw up the necessary contracts and protect all parties involved against unforeseen events, future claims and contingencies.
Why an Existing Business?
If you wish to increase your market share, enter a new market or service, or become a self-employed business owner, buying an existing business increases your chances of success.
To be successful, a business must have:
  • A proven product or service
  • A proven location
  • Solid management
When you start a business from scratch, you must wait to see if your product or service will be successful at the location you have chosen and with the people (management) you have hired. With a franchise, you normally buy a successful product or service, but you still must wait to see if it will work at the selected location and if you can find good employees. As a franchisee, you are also limited to what you can do because a franchise normally dictates how the business should be run.
If you buy an existing (successful) business, you already know how the product or service sells at the current location and who the valuable employees are. The only variable is the new management, which you - the new owner - will provide.
Buying and selling a business (the transfer of ownership) is a complex transaction that requires knowledge, experience and dedication. If you are a current owner, you’ll need all your time to manage the day-to-day business. If you are a future owner, you’ll need to devote much time to learning about the business and how to run it.
Whether you are a current or future owner, Celtic Capital can provide you with the expertise necessary to develop the various structures and financing possibilities required to make a deal happen, while you run or get to know the business and stay on top of operations.
You focus on the business; we´ll focus on the deal.
Connecting Buyers and Sellers
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